New Method Guide for Marvel Contest Of Champions

If you are new to the Sport of Marvel: Contest of Champions. You will find the marvel contest of champions cheats tips here strongly important to you. By following each these guidelines and hints, you’ll be winning the match in no time.
1. Take Advantage of Class Bonus
The class bonus in game provides the benefit side additional damage, as well as lowering the disadvantage side without damage.

As you’re building out your team, make sure that you bring a team with class advantage once the phases get harder. You may take a look at the list of phases as well as enemies out of our Marvel: Contest of Champions stage list.

2. How to Get More Heroes

1. Premium Hero Crystal
You essentially spend 100 units for every shot opening a hero crystal. You have opportunities to get 2~4 celebrity heroes with this particular method. This is the best method for you to receive the premium heroes in the game. It is possible to get free units once you first complete the stage, and when you get 100% research completion reward on any stage.

2. Daily Crystal
You have opportunities to get 1~3 celebrity heroes together with all the daily claim. But, we’ve personally gotten a three star black panther in the daily crystal draw.

3. Arena Crystal
When you triumph Arena fights, you’ll win arena chips which may be used to purchase the”real” arena crystal. You have a very small chance at getting a 4 star punisher for this particular method.

From time to time, the game offers special events that reward the top players with strong heroes. So make sure that you boost up your heroes to be eligible for all those special rewards.

3. Focus Upgrade Greater Star Ranked Heroes
It may be tempting to begin updating your heroes once you first begin the game. Do not do it! Wait until you have a roster of 3 celebrity heroes and upgrade those. If you’re stuck and actually have to upgrade lower celebrity heroes, begin with two stars. Never ever spend your precious ISO-8 on the 1-star personalities, unless you have maxed out all the others first.

Focus on upgrade your higher celebrity heroes since they have greater potentials. The greater rarity heroes typically have stronger skills, better analytics, more synergy options. For detailed guides on leveling up and ranking up your hero, as well as finding information on catalyst requirements, please check out Level upward and Rank guide for Marvel: Contest of Champions.

4. Never Sell Your Heroes
Never ever sell your lesser ranked heroes even if you have a greater rarity version of it. The main reason being is that they are counted divided when it comes to arena conflicts. You can rotate through all them daily to get max quantity of Arena crystalclear.

Additionally, certain arena events require that you get lower ranked personalities for 3vs3 fights. Again, never ever sell your heroes!

Whenever you can, go through your whole roster to get all the possible versus crystals. Do not be concerned about losing your winning streak or just simply losing. Provided that you have a shot at winning, then it is worthwhile for you to fight.

If you find yourself losing too much with all the lower tiered heroes, consider leveling them up a little to boost your chance. But, you still need to focus on your higher rarity personalities to push through the quests first.

Your energy is constrained. So unless you need to acquire the catalyst from occasion quests, focus on the narrative quest first. More interesting quests typically provide you greater XP and more ISO-8, which means you always need to go for the hardest quest chain that you could deal with.

You get free units once you complete a quest chain the very first time, as well as you perform a 100% exploration completion. You want to get all the free units that you can, to really have a shot at greater score heroes.

7. Taking Advantage of Synergy
Synergy is important for you to pass the harder phases at later actions. Synergy are bonuses when you a set combo of personalities on your team. The bonuses include greater health, assault, serious damage, and more.

8. Actual Fighting Strategy
Attack First
It is always preferable to attack first. By attacking first, you have a better shot lowering enemy HP. If the enemy’s blocking, then you get a few free shots that lower enemy HP. If you do get hit after attacking, then you get your special meter much faster at the cost of losing HP. Either way, it is better to be on the offensive at the game.

Finish Your Combos
It means that you don’t change to”defense” or”block” from the middle. Generally, you will never lose by finishing those attacks. If the enemy is blocking, you get the full sequence, should they change at the middle, they’re more often than not to drop to a attack.

Time Your Specials
Your specials are the chief methods of dishing out damage against the enemy. Make sure that you land those specials tidy, meaning that finding the ideal time to unleash the special without being obstructed. Generally, some of the fantastic timing include after you complete your combo, or at the middle of enemy combo.

Know Your Own Hero’s Specials
Various personalities have various styles of combo. Some specials are ranged hits, 1 hit close ranged, or a succession of strikes. If you apply the specials erroneously, you may very likely hit atmosphere and only waste those specials. So know what you’re using before using them to get the most effect.

The same applies to enemy’s special as well. When they’re completely charged, expect them to utilize the specials for you personally. This means keeping an eye out. It can be tough to dodge or block those specials, but should you have quick finger and eye, you can potentially pull it off from time to time.

Charge for Hard Attack later Distance
Consistently”Charge” for your heavy assault, wait for them to begin rushing towards you. If you time it right, your heavy hit to blow back them in the corner. You can kill them without ever losing 1 single HP, in addition, you gain more special meter with billed attack too.

Utilize Your Specials Often
When a fight is over, you lose all of the special meters, therefore it means that whenever you can. Utilize those specials to complete enemies quicker, instead of drag the batter out with regular shots. You would rather use more special to save your HP.

You should almost never allow your hero dies unless you’re sure that you don’t need it later. It is much cheaper to use potions on your personalities instead of using reviving item.

Change your fighting style from competitive to defensive when your HP is getting low.

Conserve your potions for harder quests later, specifically class quests or special occasion quests to unlock catalyst.

Last, if your hero does expire during battle, you can fight the enemy again with their HP already diminished by your previous hero.

Hope all these Marvel: Contest of Champions can fix some of your typical questions for the game. Hope you can win and beat the game easily using our walkthrough guide!