Roller Coaster Tycoon– Top rated 10 recommendations and suggestions you need to find out

Anyone who grew up playing computer games without a doubt remembers the Roller Coaster Tycoon franchise. You can now build amazing theme parks and attractions right from the palm of the hand at Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 to get iPhone and iPad. In order to keep up with client demand, you will have to stock your park with plenty of amazing rides, attractions, and food booths. However, tickets and coins are not infinite and can be rather difficult to come by if you don’t build and spend your money wisely. That’s where iMore will help! These are the best roller coaster tycoon cheats, tips, and tricks we all believe you need to know!

1. Don’t squander tickets speeding up construction

Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 is among the few games in which you truly don’t have to devote any real life money if you are clever about how you spend your initial coins and in which you decide to utilize your tickets. You simply get tickets for completing quests and as particular finds. How many coins you earn is completely up to how well your park performs. If it is a very long wait, build those items right before you shut the game. This way you’re not tying up money you would like while playing. You also don’t end up paying tickets rushing the process. It happens while you are gone.
This means you will just have to learn some patience and build smarter to avoid spending actual money.

2. Add Food Rush and eventually become an ultimate hamburger master

Food Rush is located under the Build segment in Specials. Add it to a park once you can. Harness it and tap on play. Your work is to function as many hamburgers to your park clients as fast as possible. The longer you serve, the more money and XP you earn. There are certain secrets to burger rush like timing when ingredients must refill. The better you get, the more you get. If you need some money or need to burn some time, it is a wonderful way to do it.

3. Build your own coasters, don’t squander money on prebuilt layouts

Coasters which are made for you might be convenient but they’re also astronomically costly. Conserve your money and build your own coasters. There’s also another advantage to the strategy and it is that you can custom build coasters which fit to your park layout. A lot of times prebuilt coasters are big and bulky on function. This is so you are forced to buy more land. Instead, rearrange your park and build to match. It’s more affordable and makes your park more distinctive than the next guy’s.

4. Don’t can trees and trees, transplant them

When you buy more land to expand your park, you might come across a great deal of trees and bushes get in the way of building. A big mistake many players make is that they eliminate them. Your guests like looking at nice landscaping and it increases their general happiness. Happy guests equals thriving park. So allow the shrubs remain!

5. Invite friends for tickets

The same goes for Game Center. But if you send invites to your Facebook friends, you will earn 1 free ticket for each friend you invite. Sure, most of us hate Facebook spam, but it is for a good cause, right?!

6. Update attractions whenever possible

Many attractions permit you to devote some coins in order to update them. This increases the buzz around them and keeps your guests happy. Update your attractions whenever you feasibly can. While it’s easy to get distracted by constructing roller coasters and ignoring regular appeals, your park’s buzz will suffer if you do that.

7. Food booths and hotels are your greatest money makers

The major way you will earn money in RCT 4 is by selling food to your park guests. Hotels are important to since they increase your park’s holding capacity. The more people you have, the more rooms you reserve and the more food you sell. Determine which food booths generate the most money and build a ton of those. I like to perform it off at a corner of this game in which they are not in the way. Hotels you can easily update before building more so that they take up far less space.

8. Check the parking lot to get special deliveries

At times you’ll locate cargo boxes at the parking lot which contain special gifts your park receives. It’s easy to overlook them so be sure you check from time to time as gifts differ from statues to other ornamental objects which you could put in your park for free. Your guests like looking at them so that it never hurts.

9. Listen to your visitors

Every once in a while you will see guests with thought bubbles above their heads. Harness them to read their ideas. Listening to your guests is your number one way to boost park buzz and also make people spend more money. If you are meeting their needs, your park will flourish. Before you build a different roller coaster, make sure that is exactly what your guests are really asking for.

10. Equip your park with maintenance and engineering staff

Adding an engineering construction to your park will minimize the amount of time overall construction takes on rides and attractions. It doesn’t cost a lot so be sure you add one. In terms of maintenance, after you add the construction, it is possible to exchange tickets to keep it running. As long as the maintenance construction is paid, your rides will not break down while you are off. This is a fantastic way to ensure you come back to this game with plenty of money to collect and a great park buzz.